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  Posted on: Friday, February 12, 2016
Marijuana wax/butter rapidly appearing in Houston area

HOUSTON - When Friendswood Police pulled over Damon Fraser, they found something they'd never come across before, a new form of marijuana called marijuana wax and butter.

"It's hit the streets so fast, so strong," said Wendell Campbell, an agent with the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Marijuana wax and butter is made from the oil of marijuana plants. The DEA says the drug is exploding across the Houston area, and it's hard for smaller police agencies to catch it.

"To the normal untrained eye, they wouldn't know what it is," said Dave, a former user.

"You can be using it right next to a cop car, and they wouldn't know what you're doing," said Josh, a former user.

Dave and Josh know because they used to get high on it. They're recovering at Cenikor, a local drug treatment center.

"I know the high is a little bit more intense," said Dave. "It's pretty much pure THC."

That's why the DEA says it's so dangerous.

"You can use it in a little lip balm container," said Campbell. "There's all types of ways it can be hit."

Check out the marijuana wax and butter found in recent Houston area drug busts. The DEA says there's so much more out there.

"It has the consistency, the look, it can be put into the same type of containers that we use everyday," said Campbell. "So it's easy to conceal."

Making marijuana wax or butter can be extremely dangerous. There have been several reports across the country of home explosions and fires as a result.

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